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Intervju Trond Ali Linstad: Jesus er et stort forbilde som vi bør følge – Herland Report

Share it!Det var en stor glede å samtale med muslimsk lege, Trond Ali Linstad på Herland Report TV. Linstad er daglig leder Urtehagen Stiftelse på Grønland i Oslo og serverer mange aktuelle betraktninger i programmet rundt kristendom, kristne som ikke følger Jesus’ eksempel, muslimer som ikke følger islams prinsipper og om ekstremismen som vrenger på budskapet og ødelegger den sanne …

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Samfunnet radikaliseres og hatet mot jøder som etnisk gruppe dominerer, Dr. Michael Rachel Suissa, Herland Report

Share it!En intens debatt har de siste ukene pågått i amerikanske og internasjonale medier etter at det ble kjent at et par av høstens nyvalgte representanter til Kongressen for Demokratene, har markert seg med utilslørt antisemittiske uttalelser.  De kastet ikke bort tiden med å gjøre seg kjent med sine parlamentariske forpliktelser, men gikk rett løs på det som de selv …

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Ex-ambassadør til Saudi Arabia, Carl Schiøtz Wibye med sterk Saudi kritikk

Carl Schiøtz Wibye Herland Report

Share it!Tidligere ambassadør, Carl Schiøtz Wibye viser en bemerkelsesverdig høy kunnskap om det som skjer bak det “muslimske sløret” i Midtøsten, i sin bok Terrorens Rike som ble utgitt etter at han gikk av med pensjon fra stillingen. Vi hadde gleden av å ha Wibye i studio, der han i flere programmer snakker om den saudi arabiske wahhabi-tolkningen av islam …

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Museum in Israel under scrutiny from Arab Christians: Promoting blasphemy against Christ, while careful not to offend Muslims – Herland Report

Share it!Heads of Churches across Israel are seeking a court order to have a sculpture removed that features not Jesus on the cross, but Jesus replaced by Ronald McDonald, the food restaurant Mascot.  The Arab Christians state that if this was done to a non-Christian religion, protests would be held all over the world. Christians comprise around 2 % of …

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Identity Politics = White Genocide: The implementation of an apartheid system against Whites – Dr. Paul C. Roberts, Herland Report

Share it!The subversion of fact-based science and scholarship by the emotion-based ideology of Identity Politics is laying the groundwork for the genocide of white people. This sounds like an outlandish statement. However, it follows logically from the identification of white people with violence, oppression, and every evil in the world. In a number of columns I have reported examples of …

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The Israel – Saudi alliance: The enemy of my enemy is .. my friend? – Paul R. Pillar, National Interest

Share it!The simple notion that any enemy of my enemy is my friend is overriding sober calculation of how Saudi Arabia’s conduct does or does not support U.S. interests. Long before “transactional” became a cliché applied to policies of Donald Trump, the term accurately described the U.S.-Saudi relationship. The partnership brought together the world’s most important democracy and a family-run …

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The Palestinians’ Worst Enemy Is Their Own Leaders: Corruption and repressive systems – Herland Report

Share it! Once in a very rare while, Western journalists address the massive problem in the Middle East pertaining to corruption and repression of free speech in the Arab world. This week, Human Rights Watch released a report on Gaza leaders and the report shows widespread abuse.  The two-year investigation included interviews with nearly 150 people, many of them ex-detainees. …

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The big Joke: Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) Calls for Inclusion, Except for its Critics – Herland Report

Share it!Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) leaders have a peculiar way of expressing their oft-preached virtues of inclusion, pluralism, and participation, as shown by a recent videoed October 10 CAIR panel on “Anti-Muslim Bias in Politics.” CAIR Government Affairs Director Robert McCaw specifically asked this Middle East Forum reporter to leave this “private event” –broadcast online – in an act of censorship that indicates why repressive …

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The Trump Doctrine and the End of the neo-con ‘New World Order’ – Seth Frantzman, Jerusalem Post

Share it!“Setting fire to the ground,” a “major catastrophe,” bringing “new instability” are the headlines that have greeted Donald Trump’s unorthodox decisions over the past year. Withdrawing from UNESCO, moving the US Embassy, leaving the Iran deal and cutting funding to UNRWA and funding for Pakistan were seen as extreme decisions in the Middle East and around the world. Insofar as there …

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Iraqis Protest Growing Iranian Influence in the Country

Iran Herland Report aljazeera

Share it!Over the past week, violent protests have swept the southern Iraqi city of Basra. Twelve people have been killed in the protests and hundreds injured. The protests focused on the dire living conditions in the city, which is located in a province that is home to 70% of Iraq’s oil reserves. Corruption and chronic mismanagement have produced a daily reality of …

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