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Israel-Gaza clashes: How can people witnessing same events have such grossly divergent views of what they are seeing? Irvin Mansdorf, Herland Report

Share it!Why are those who see themselves as sympathetic to Israel frustrated with the coverage of the current Gaza demonstrations? For supporters of Israel, the situation is rather simple: A terrorist regime is organizing as much of its citizenry as possible under the guise of a peaceful demonstration, to taunt, provoke, and provide cover for others to violently attack Israeli soldiers …

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Sex Wars: Fall of Western Dominance as Testosterone drop – Roy Barzilai

The Testosterone Hypothesis is written by Roy Barzilai, Tel Aviv.

Share it!  Herland Report: We live in a period of history in which intensifying gender, race and religious wars are leading to political disputes over nationalism versus globalism. This is threatening Western liberty with a return to primitive tribalism, writes Roy Barzilai at The Herland Report in a brilliant analysis. Buy the book. Sex. Life. Death. What is it that drives …

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TV interview with Eva Thomassen X

Share it!  At The Herland Report, we strive to acquire knowledge about all sides in a conflict, here the Syria war. What has angered many in the West is the biased and one-sided coverage of the Syria war in the mainstream media. Is the media no more than a propaganda channel for the military complex in the geopolitical struggle to …

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Iran deal off the table spells less war between Netanyahu’s Israel and Iran in Syria? #PeaceInSyria in the forging, Herland Report

Share it! If the Iran deal had not been cancelled, would we have seen another large scale war in the region between Israel, Syria and Iran?  With the nuclear agreement between Iran and Western allies off the table, the question is whether Israel is likely to back off the upcoming war between Israel and Iran. With the scrapping of the …

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Herland Report: Who can prevent a war between Israel and Iran? Russia – New York Times

Share it! The government of President Bashar al-Assad is resurgent in Syria, steadily retaking terrain lost to the rebels. This may bring to an end one set of conflicts, but it could spark newer, potentially more dangerous confrontations, writes Middle East and North Africa director for International Crisis Group, Joost Hilterman in the New York Times. The key to preventing the …

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Russian tolerance of US war crimes may eventually cause a fatal conflict to be brewed – Dr. Paul C. Roberts, Herland Report

Share it!Now that the Trump, May, and Macron regimes have proven beyond all doubt that they are lawless war criminal regimes, what is next? Will the Russian president and foreign minister continue to speak of “our Western partners” and seek common ground with proven lawless war criminals?  What would that common ground be, writes Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, leading US …

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Growing British racism against the Jewish Minority: Jeremy Corbyn – UK Labour MP, Ruth Smeeth, Herland Report

Share it!Racism, the practice of judging individuals and groups solely based on ethnic origin, is a long standing cultural problem in Europe. In Left wing politics it is apparent in the denigrating view of non-Western immigrants who are chronically viewed as victims that “must be helped into the welfare system,” insinuating that they are not able to help themselves. In …

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What happens when a hard core Seattle rapper turns to Judaism? – Nissim Black, Herland Report

Share it!The American music industry pours out songs and videos featuring drugs, sex, naked women and rock’n roll. Some break out of this pattern, Kendrick Lamar and many others. Take a listen to Nissim Black’s story, as he sits down with Zvika Bornstein and discusses his music career in depth. Nissim Black chose Judaism and it completely revolutionized his life …

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Jawbone fossil found in Israeli cave resets clock for modern human evolution – Israel Times

Share it!A jawbone found in a cave in Israel’s Mount Carmel region has reset the clock on human evolution. The fossil, the earliest known record of Homo sapiens outside of Africa, was discovered in 2002 during an excavation of the prehistoric Misliya Cave. After 15 years of intensive research by an international team of multidisciplinary scientists, the unique remains of …

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Vesten støttet ekstremistiske islamister til makten under den arabiske våren – Gerald Steinberg i dokumentaren “Jerusalem”

Share it!Se første program i dokumentaren om hvordan intellektuelle, aktivister og forskere i Midtøsten ser på Vesten og vårt engasjement i krigene i Midtøsten. Serien i 8 deler viser nye perspektiver på gamle konflikter. Herland samtaler med kjente professorer, forretningsmenn, statsmenn og diplomater om alt fra vestlig medias unyanserte blikk på Midtøsten til Gaza, Hamas, Israel, ISIS og forfølgelsene mot …

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