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Cave of Apelles by Nerdrum School: Joakim Ericsson on life in Gaming

Cave of Apelles Joakim Ericsson

Co-founder and former Academic Director of the Florence Academy of Art in Gothenburg, Joakim Ericsson, is a creator of fantasy worlds and peak moments. In this month’s Cave of Apelles, he shares his story of how he went from being a classical painter and successful instructor to becoming a digital painter working in the gaming industry. When Jan-Ove Tuv asks …

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Cave of Apelles by The Nerdrum School: Figurative Classical Painting in China, Cheng Wu, Herland Report

This month, Cheng Wu, who is a Chinese classical painter. Technically, he is strongly influenced by the smooth painting style of Eugène Carrière. Philosophically, he follows the Taoist mindset. In this month’s Cave of Apelles, Wu shares his experiences from being a classical figurative painter in China today, unearthing similarities and differences between Chinese and Western classical painting, as well …

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Markus Andersson, a story of character assasination in Sweden

Politically motivated character assasinations has probably been the most popular method among the New Left in order to silence opposition from the majority population. Herbert Marcuse, the father of the radical culture revolution in the 1960’s spoke openly in A critique of Pure Tolerance about the need to oppress the views of the majority population in order to succeed in …

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Herland Report features Cave of Apelles: The Odd Nerdrum school of Painting – How is Modernism destroying Culture?

Öde S. Nerdrum appears in this program of the Cave of Apelles to talk about his father’s workshop, the current situation for painting, and advise to collectors continuing the Renaissance workshop tradition. Öde Nerdrum paints alongside his father at the Nerdrum Studio in Norway and Sweden. With his mother, Turid Spildo, he reviews applications from people who come to study …

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Se Herland Report TV (HTV) om Norges største maler, Odd Nerdrum dokumentar “Jakten på Nerdrum” med Øde Nerdrum og Jan-Ove Tuv – Hanne Nabintu Herland

Herland Report TV (HTV) har den store glede å presentere et eksklusivt intervju om den nye dokumentarserien “Jakten på Nerdrum” om Odd Nerdrums liv, Norges største maler og en av vår tids største kunstnere. Se TV programmet under. Vi samtaler med sønnen Øde Nerdrum og tidligere Nerdrum elev, Jan-Ove Tuv som forteller om den nye dokumentarserien i seks deler om …

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Eksklusivt til Herland Report (HTV): Odd Nerdrum dokumentaren, eksklusive bilder fra Nerdrums liv

Herland Report TV (HTV) lanserer snart et eksklusivt intervju med Øde Nerdrum og maler og tidligere Nerdrum elev, Jan-Ove Tuv som snakker om den nye dokumentarserien i seks deler om Odd Nerdrums liv, kunstneriske utvikling og historiesyn. Serien er produsert av Øde og Bork S. Nerdrum, og vi følger Jan-Ove Tuv som fortellerstemme. Dette omtales på dagens Skavlan, men dypdykket …

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