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The all out Assault on Masculinity – and Men in the West – Jordan Peterson, National Post

The American Psychological Association (APA) recently released its Guidelines for Psychological Practice with Boys and Men. It manages to be simultaneously predictable, reprehensible, infuriating and disheartening — no mean feat for a single document. Make no mistake about it: this document constitutes an all-out assault on masculinity — or, to put it even more bluntly, on men. The coup of ... Read More »

When the Testosterone level falls, Civilizations weaken and die – The Testosterone Hypothesis, by Roy Barzilai – Herland Report

The story of Western civilization is the process of opening the human mind to discover nature and realize his potential as a rational man. This struggle for mental liberation has seen many cycles of triumph and retreat throughout the history of cultural evolution. The Testosterone Hypothesis focuses on understanding how our roots in biological evolution, from which Homo sapiens emerged, ... Read More »

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