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Libya unable to unite behind one leader, consequently internationally supported militia rule. Libya National Army War Report August 2019 – LibyaWarTheTruth, Herland Report

The 2011 war on Libya led to a failed state, civil war, al-Qaida militia control, 3 million refugees and massive persecution of black Libyans. Yet, Libya under Moammar Gadhafi was Africa’s richest country, a middle-income nation with free health care and free education for both men and women. The Libyan war and civil war has been raging since the NATO ... Read More »

EXCLUSIVE Memorandum on Libya: Fabrications against the State, Leadership and Army – by Dr. Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, Herland Report

This Memorandum was first published April 19, 2017 exclusive to The Herland Report. It was then republished all over the world and in many languages. The attack on Libya was based on a number of lies presented in the Western media about Gaddafi, and these lies have been well documented. The British Report from the House of Commons was presented in ... Read More »

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