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PODCAST: Norway Resurging National Identity, Resett Helge Lurås

Helge Lurås Hanne Nabintu HErland Report

Herland Report Podcast host, Hanne Herland speaks with Helge Lurås, chief editor of the Norway news agency Resett about the media, immigration, national sovereignty, Russia and the faltering EU. “Our media is a reflection of the established paradigm which is not so credible anymore,” says Lurås. He speaks about the European revolt against borderless societies, the illiberal politically-correct mainstream media …

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Yes to a healthy Nationalism, No to Globalist Imperialism – Daniel Pipes, Middle East Forum

Yoram Hazony’s breathtakingly counterintuitive book, The Virtue of Nationalism (Basic Books), corrects a simple but colossal mistake: The Nazi monstrosity, he argues, did not result from nationalism but from imperialism. Hitler aspired not to make Germany great in education, justice, and industry, but to create a thousand-year Reich (empire) and conquer the world, writes Daniel Pipes, first published in Middle East Forum, on Yoram …

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17 mai, Norge: Vi feirer nasjonalstaten, fedrelandet, selvstendigheten, vikingtiden og den historiske norske kulturen og “Gud signe vårt dyre fedreland” – Herland Report

Vi feirer Henrik Wergeland, den norske selvstendige bonden, vi feirer fiskerne langs kysten, oljearbeiderne, båtrederne som skapte arbeidsplasser for titusener av nordmenn. Vi feirer vikingtiden og historiske ekspansjonsfaser der vår kultur formet Europa, vi feirer de dyktige handelsmenn som bragte velstand til landet, de verdenskjente nordmenn slik som Fridtjof Nansen, Edvard Grieg, Henrik Ibsen og Ole Bull. Vi feirer fjord og …

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Why Do Central European Nationalists Love Israel So Much? Ivan Krastev, New York Times

Periods of major political transformation have never been particularly easy for Jews, and the current moment is no exception. Anti-Semitism is ascendant in Europe and many fear that the resurgence of nationalism will exacerbate it. But there is a twist: Anti-Semitism’s rise in Europe is being accompanied by a growing fascination among Europe’s hard right with Israel and, in particular, …

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The European revolt against globalist, borderless societies – Helge Luraas to The Herland Report

Helge Lurås is founder and president of The Center for International Strategic Analysis in Norway. In this conversation with The Herland Report, he speaks about the European revolt against borderless societies, the illiberal politically-correct mainstream media and the current political elites. He believes new paradigms are inevitable, world views that will strengthen national identity and historical, religious European roots. Too many …

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