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The defense of Christianity vs Anti-Christian West #KanyeWest #Russia


Share it!Herland Report: In this segment, let us take a closer look at the paradox that Russia is now the leading public defender of Christianity. We do not hear much about it in the mainstream media, of course. Yet, from being an atheist state, Russia now boasts more than 70 % of its population as Christians. While Christianity is scorned …

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EXCLUSIVE: Norwegian celebrity, Kari Jaquesson speaks about trip to Syria, meeting with persecuted Christians – The Herland Report

Share it!Many, and especially today, are fearful of breaking out of the safe spot – the “politically correct” sphere – and stand up for what they believe in. If they do, the risk for public punishment is high, alienation, slander in the media and so on.  We proudly present an interview with Norwegian TV star, Kari Jaquesson, who chose to …

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Easter: The example of the humility of Jesus Christ – Hanne Nabintu Herland, Herland Report

Share it!It is Easter. We celebrate the humility of Jesus Christ as he was willing to suffer an excruciating death in order to give his blood for the redemption of human kind. Those who attempt to follow Christ, are to take up their cross and follow his example in love for humanity, writes Hanne Nabintu Herland for American World Net …

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Kari Jaquesson forteller gripende om reisen til Syria og erfaringer med kristne der – The Herland Report

Share it!Vi publiserer et intervju med Kari Jaquesson og hennes møte med de kristne i Syria. “Det er første gang jeg skal reise inn i et land i krig. Jeg er på vei til Syria. Jeg har fulgt godt med på det som skjer der, både gjennom vanlige medier hjemme gjennom mange internasjonale medier, både kommersielle og uavhengige. Fremstillingene spriker. …

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