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US Withdrawal from Syria: What will happen next – Peter Ford, Herland Report

At the start of the year the horizon seems to be dominated by the issue of the possible withdrawal of US troops. In reality however the more important action is elsewhere. Every day that passes seems to bring fresh evidence that Trump’s decision is being walked back. But appearances can be misleading, writes former UK ambassador to Bahrain and Syria, ... Read More »

Former UK Ambassador Peter Ford Reveals Truth About Syria – The Liberty Report with Dr. Ron Paul – Herland Report

Former UK Ambassador to Syria Peter Ford joins the Liberty Report to share his vast experience in the region. He has notably deviated from the government/media narrative about the alleged Assad gas attack. How likely is it that Assad used gas? Why are inspectors being prevented from visiting the site? How is the “official narrative” holding up to increasing scrutiny? Also ... Read More »

Media on Trial in London 2017: Legendary John Pilger, Vanessa Beeley, Patrick Henningsen – The Herland Report

What should we expect from the mainstream media? Accurate reporting? Impartial analysis? Speaking truth to power? At times of proposed war or foreign intervention the public has a right to expect all these, as recently was pointed out at the Media on Trial event in London, 2017. (Photo: Photographer Mary Henning)   Millions watch Herland Report TV. Subscribe: “The event, ... Read More »

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