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Utviklingen i Ukraina – Putin med klar advarsel til Porosjenko – Dr. Bjørn Ditlef Nistad, Herland Report

Share it!Den 18. oktober opptrådte Vladimir Putin i den såkalte Valdaj-klubben, en arena der utenlandske journalister, politikere og russlandseksperter møter representanter for den rusiske eliten. Det viktigste budskapet Putin fremførte, var en utvetydig advarsel til Petro Porosjenko og den ukrainske ledelsen: Angriper dere den russiskvennlige befolkningen i Donbass, vil Ukraina lide en like ublid skjebne som Georgia da landet i 2008 angrep utbryterrepublikken …

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Ukraina sto bak nedskytingen av malaysisk Boeing over Ukraine i 2014? Dr. Bjørn Ditlef Nistad, Herland Report

Share it!Den 17. september holdt det russiske forsvarsministerium en pressekonferanse der det ble fremlagt opplysninger som russiske myndigheter hevder at viser at Ukraina stod bak nedskytingen av det malaysiske Boeing 777-passasjerflyet over Øst-Ukraina 17. juli 2014 der 298 mennesker omkom, skriver Dr. Bjørn Ditlef Nistad.   Millions watch Herland Report TV. Subscribe: Opplysningene og argumentene som ble fremlagt for å begrunne denne påstanden, var …

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Russia, favored ally in the Middle East after Hillary Clinton’s support to radical Islamists and Muslim Brotherhood: Egypt now turning to Putin – Herland Report

Share it!The silent Middle Eastern revolution that not many talk about: Nation after nation turning away from the US, in favor of Russia. After Hillary Clinton’s Islamist and Muslim Brotherhood crusade on the secular governments in Egypt, Libya, Syria and other nations, a silent revolution has been happening, in slow motion. As the lesson being that those who oppose the …

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Folkediplomati Norge Hendrik Webers reise til Donetsk, Ukraina

Folkediplomati Norge Hendrik Webers reise til Donetsk

Share it!  Herland Report: En målsetning for Herland Report er å bidra til mindre krig som rammer sivilbefolkningen så umenneskelig hardt. Ofte, når man får nyansert informasjon om ulike militære konflikter, evner man å se flere sider av saken. Da får man medynk med folkeslag som man ikke forsto så godt før. Man ser tragedier som rammer dem.  Dette kan …

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Vi vil bidra til fred i Ukraina, ikke mer krig: Folkediplomati Norge, Hendrik Weber til Herland Report #Donetsk

Share it!Herland Report TV (HTV): Vi ønsker å bidra til mindre krig som rammer sivilbefolkningen så umenneskelig hardt. Ofte, når man får nyansert informasjon om ulike militære konflikter, evner man å se flere sider av saken. Da får man medynk med ulike folkeslag som man ikke forsto så godt før. Man ser at de tragedier som rammer dem, ofte er …

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Trump-Putin Summit 2018: Russia and the U.S. are on board to limit Iran’s military presence in Syria – Zev Shafets, Bloomberg

Share it!Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu is enjoying a triumphal moment. He didn’t attend the Helsinki summit between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, of course, but he certainly felt he was represented there writes Zev Shafets at Bloomberg. “I think we really came to a lot of good conclusions, a really good conclusion for Israel,” Trump told interviewer Sean Hannity …

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Trump-Putin Summit 2018: US neo-con media deeply disturbed at the possibility of peace between US and Russia – Herland Report

Share it!Seldom has the US neo-con power grid showed its intent more clearly than in the aftermath of the Trump-Putin Summit in Helsinki 2018. The seemingly good communication between superpower leaders, a focus on peace not war, respect between nations and a good relationship between world leaders apparently was the worst that could have happened. Politicians and Western media leaders …

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Russia and the US are not condemned to confrontation, it is just some people’s wish – Mikhail Gorbachev

Share it!I welcome all who have gathered to mark the thirtieth anniversary of President Ronald Reagan’s visit to Moscow and the US-Soviet summit. I think it was a truly historic event. It was a kind of summing up of the work we had done, starting in Geneva and then going through Reykjavik and Washington to Moscow, states former president of the …

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A more balanced view on Trump-Putin – Gordon Hahn

Trump Putin Summit

Share it!The Trump-Putin summit was successfully delayed by the liberal Washington, deep state network. By the time, Trump fought his way free from the morass of the collapsing ‘Russiagate’ investigation, relations were so bad that Putin rejected Trump’s invitation to the White House and agreed to meet in neighboring Finland, writes Gordon M. Hahn in the original publication, later republished at …

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The Skripals and a new Novichok Affair: No Proof, and everybody loves the World Cup – Ludwig Watzal, Herland Report

Share it!The Brits have not solved the Sergei Skripal case. There was massive media coverage over Russia as the culprit, but no proof presented as of yet. The Skripals are by now out of the hospital, but conveniently blocked off from the public. Boris Johnson resigned, yet no one knows what really happened.  Before the World Cup, UK government officials …

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