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Love of God meets needs, we are to meet the needs of those who are Wounded – Reverend KirbyJon Caldwell, Herland Report TV

An EXCLUSIVE SHORT by The Herland Report TV (HTV): “Racism, classism, materialism, imperialism – Jesus opposes all those -isms,” says reverend Kirbyjon Caldwell, one of the leading spiritual leaders in America and Senior Pastor of Windsor Village Methodist Church in Houston, Texas. Caldwell has been featured extensively in the American and international media, at the BBC, The Wall Street Journal, ... Read More »

Life after Death – the greatest spiritual leader in US history, Billy Graham on the concept of death and Heaven

This documentary adresses the prospects of a life after death, and the nature of such an endeavour. Billy Graham, the most famous spiritual leader in modern American history, who has been a stern critic of the recent anti-religious developments in the US, speaks sharply about life after death in this Billy Graham Production. Subscribe to Herland Report TV Read More »

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