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“F**k Your Pig-God!” Muslim Persecution of Christians, April 2019 – Raymond Ibrahim, Herland Report

At The Herland Report we address the steady persecution of Christians world wide, and especially in Muslim countries where the tolerance for Christians is exceptionally low. This is not a politically-correct topic, as the media in the West chronically avoids describing the horrific persecution against those who are not Muslims in Islamic countries. Read Islamic scholar, Raymond Ibrahim’s account:  Sri ... Read More »

Strong anti-Christian elites in Europe, Russia chooses Christian Orthodoxy – President of African Israel Initiative, Erik Selle

There is a strong anti-Christian sentiment within the European media establishment and the elites. Russia chooses the opposite path by strengthening Christian Orthodoxy as the cultural fundament, states the president of the Africa-Israel Initiative, Erik Selle, who has work in 17 African countries. Many do not understand that Russia today is not the Soviet Union, president Putin is not Stalin. So ... Read More »

Foreign Policy Journal: The Western Demonization of Muslims, who profits from destroying the Middle East? Libya. Hanne Nabintu Herland

Foreign Policy Journal:  The war in Syria may soon be over, yet another US and allies’ defeat. Looking back, the miserable anarchy created by Western interventions the past years in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Syrian and so on, is quite a horrifying testament to failed American foreign policy.  It’s like new “Vietnam”s where things steadily go terribly wrong. Who ... Read More »

Notorious looting of Africa under the pretext of “nice aid to the poor” – The sly Western strategy, Herland Report

Africa is rich – but the rest of the world is benefitting from its wealth. Our second Honest Accounts report reveals that countries in Africa are rich –However this wealth is not benefitting African citizens, but the rest of the world. Whilst countries in Africa receive $162 billion in resources such as aid, loans, and foreign investment a whopping $203 ... Read More »

The African Union blamed Norway for South Sudan Civil War 2013: Foreign Aid used Politically to Further Norway’s ambitions abroad

Norway’s role in the politization of NGOs and using foreign aid as a means to control African countries has received much criticism over the years. Remarkably little of this harsh criticism is reflected in the mainstream Norwegian media. The Norwegian involvement in South Sudan, both in setting up the state and consequently the following civil war is an excellent case ... Read More »

Norge, verdensmester på å bruke bistandsorganisasjoner politisk for å presse frem norsk utenrikspolitikk – Pål Steigan, Herland Report

Professor Terje Tvedt har gjort en grundig studie av den ideologiske endringa i norsk offentlighet i forholdet til omverdenen. Det viser seg at de «frivillige organisasjonene» er blitt kooptert av staten og omdannet til redskaper for norsk politikk. Organisasjoner som Kirkens nødhjelp, Norsk Folkehjelp, Flyktninghjelpen og Norwac er blitt instrumenter for norsk utenrikspolitikk og samtidig påvirkningsagenter for denne. Dette skriver ... Read More »

The ongoing looting of Africa by Western Empires – George Soros and Open Society Institute, Herland Report

Anglo-Dutch cartels in oil, strategic minerals, and diamonds, have looted and despoiled Africa for decades after that continent’s nominal independence from the European empires. They have employed regime-changes and manipulated wars involving the cartels’ private armies, British special forces and other criminal “irregulars,” writes Larouche in quite an old article worth rereading.   Millions watch Herland Report TV. Subscribe: “In ... Read More »

Urimelig demokratipress overfor afrikanske land – Hanne Nabintu Herland

Jendayi Frazer, USAs utsending til Afrika, brukte onsdag 30. januar for første gang betegnelsen etnisk rensing om den stadig eskalerende krisen i Kenya. Situasjonen i Rift Valley er nå slik at ulike grupper regelrett massakrerer hverandre. Innbyggere i Nairobi forteller om dør til dør aksjoner der medlemmer av den etniske gruppen ”kikuyu” dreper ”luo” eller ”kalenjin” der de finner dem. ... Read More »

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