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Cultural Fatigue and Depression characterize the West, WND

Hanne Nabintu Herland in L'Indro Hanne HErland

Keep updated, share this story with friends!  Hanne Nabintu Herland: Depression characterize the West: An underlying sorrow weights down the Western culture. Our civilization is blanketed with a light melancholic fog of neuroses, mental pain, depression and loneliness. What happened? How did we end up in a situation where loneliness and depression are massive problems? What happened to the family? …

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Friedrich Hayek and the West return to Feudalism – Nabintu, WND

Hanne Herland, founder of The Herland Report.

Keep updated, share this story with friends!  Herland Report: In 1944, Friedrich Hayek, one of the 1900s most influential economists, wrote a book entitled The Road to Serfdom. Its main aim was an outline of the opposition to growing Socialist government authority. He firmly believed in the need to uphold individual rights and personal freedom of choice. The book aroused …

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Interview: How to create Revolution Serbia, Syria – Joaquin Flores

How to create Revolution Serbia, Syria: Joaquin Flores Fort Russ News Herland Report

Keep updated, share this story with friends!  Herland Report: How to create Revolution Serbia, Syria: We had the pleasure of a sit-down with political scientist and editor-in-chief of Fort Russ News, Joaquin Flores about how revolutions are planned, community organized and implemented in order to enhance Western Hegemony. We discuss how the “revolutions” in the Balkan and the so-called Arab …

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WATCH Herland Report TV: Western Idealism has Failed Completely – Norwegian Resett chief editor Helge Luraas

Keep updated, share this story with friends!The 1960’s ideology has always just been a utopia, now people realize it is a failed project and react against the establishment. The successful author and chief editor of the Norwegian newspaper Resett, Helge Luraas, has been a public figure in Scandinavia for many years. Watch the show below. In this interview he speaks …

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Christian selfishness destroys the West – Hanne Nabintu, WND

The neo-Marxist New Left 1960s revolution: Herland Report

Keep updated, share this story with friends!  Herland Report: Christian selfishness destroys the West: Something has gone seriously wrong with Christianity in the West. Research shows that church attendance is dropping dramatically. The very peculiar fact that surveys demonstrate is that it is the most believing Christians that leave the churches. Maybe because institutionalized religion seems most preoccupied with the …

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The horrifying West: Self-indulgence, hedonism and a new form of slavery – Pria Viswalingam, Herland Report

Keep updated, share this story with friends!History is about the rise and fall of civilizations. After a period of progress, they eventually succumb to self-indulgence and moral decay, states Pria Viswalingam in this documentary. He asks if family incomes have never been higher in the Western world, property values are soaring, if conspicuous consumption and material wealth have never been …

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Plurality of Opinion is Enemy Now – Danish sociologist Lars Jørgensen to The Herland Report TV

Keep updated, share this story with friends!Danish sociologist and journalist, Lars Jørgensen adresses serious issues in The Herland Report TV show about Western academia and how professors and intellectuals keep silent instead of speaking up about the degree of misinformation we are subjugated to in the media. Millions watch Herland Report TV. Subscribe: Just as many in the 1930’s could …

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“Moderate rebels used to legitimize US coup in Syria? – Tim Hayward

John McCain in Syria with rebels ISIS

Keep updated, share this story with friends!  Herland Report: Moderate political opposition does not involve or support taking up arms against the government, let alone against unarmed fellow citizens. This proposition would be treated as self-evident in our own country, so why are people seemingly ready to discard it when talking about Syria, writes professor at Edinburgh University, Tim Hayward. …

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The new, extreme-liberal West X

Keep updated, share this story with friends!It can be argued that the extreme-liberal society displays such a shocking lack of morality and solidarity. We wish for the past as the lesser evil than today’s extreme liberal elites, writes Hanne Nabintu Herland in the new book The Culture War. How the West lost its greatness. In recent decades, Western culture has …

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