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“450 billion reasons” for massive Saudi Arabia influence on Western media – Marwa Osman, Herland Report

“There are 450 billion reasons for the Saudi Arabian influence on Western media, which includes the payment that was given to president Trump on his only visit to Saudi Arabia.

He just landed, there was a party, they just paid him a check of 150 billion US dollars. I think that is more than enough to buy ALL the Western mainstream media opinions in the West”, states Lebanese political analyst Marwa Osman on Ron Paul Liberty Report.


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ISIS is finished in Syria and Iraq. It should have been the headline in most of the mainstream media all across the world, now there is no more ISIS and that is a huge deal. As important as it was that ISIS took over that part of the land, now there is no more ISIS. But no one talks about this.

That basically puts ISIS out of the hotspot, so Jemen now is on the hotspot. It has been bombarded on a daily basis since March 2015, the number of military casualties are way less than civilian ones.

The number of The Ministry of Jemen has until now recorded over 100 000 deaths. What you read on the mainstream media is simply not true. What the UN is giving, is not true, because the UN is not able to reach the parts of Jemen the villages, the cities. What the Ministry of Health in Jemen is doing is collaborating with the people, the civilians in the cities or municipalities. The numbers of deaths are beyond horrific. It is beyond a catastrophe.

The world seems to turn a blind eye to this, due to certain political reasons, but the humanitarian catastrophe in Jemen. The Western public should know that the mainstream media is not their place to go to know the Middle East in general, and Jemen in particular.

They should follow journalists on the ground and try to follow up what the Jemeni officials are saying. This is how I would sum it up, given the failures of the US allies in the region. It started with president Obama and has continued with president Trump.


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