Black leader about President Donald Trump: This is the most pro-Black president that we have had in our lifetime, Herland Report

“This administration has taken many by surprise because this is probably the most pro active administration we have in urban America and in the faith based community. This is the most pro-Black president that we have had in our lifetime.  This president works to prove something to our faith based and ethnic communities. When you look back at Obama, the previous president only felt like he had to.  Let’s work together and give him a chance, don’t pay attention to the media defamation, I promise you we will continue to make history.

I’ve had the privilege to work with President Trump and to observe him behind th scene and have personal conversations with him. It is easy for me to defend him, as I know him. I know he has a heart for all Americans.”

The statement was made by Darrell Scott, a pastor from Ohio. The segment starts with President Donald Trump asking the well-known pastor John Gray to lead the room in prayer. Next to pastor Gray, sits Bishop Harry Jackson, a spiritual leader in America that The Herland Report TV has upcoming shows with.

The statement is, of course, especially shocking to those who only follow the narrative of the leading US media outlets such as CNN and New York Times, notorious for almost only reporting a demonized and defaming view of the current President in America.

Business Insider recently showed how over 90 % of the American media outlets are owned by only 6 corporations, all whom are opposed to the Trump administration’s anti-globalist push.


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