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Everybody is looking for love and acceptance #Social Media


Herland Report TV (HTV): “What’s happened with social media is that it has become an entity that is taking over us, rather than us taking over it and using it for that which is good,” says reverend Ray Bady in this program, a famous musician who worked with the leading Chicago music producers before Ray Bady Herland Reportbecoming a pastor.

He is a pastor at Pastor at the Windsor Village Methodist Church in Houston, passionately addressing the young generation in America. 

The Herland Report has a series of programs with the musician, who tells us the story of his life, how he grew up in Chicago and came to know the famous musicians of his generation.

Bady addresses the issue of why values matter and how the course of your life is impacted by the friends you choose to have as you grow up, as these determine the outcome of life.

Quotes: “Everybody is looking for love and acceptance, for a place of value. Social media is not a bad thing, but if used improperly it could become a problem.”

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Ray Bady says: “I believe that if we started to take the entities that God has allowed to be created on God’s green earth, and use it positively in social media, instead of me just looking at my plate and looking at my face and getting views, what may I do with this entity that will bless the earth? What am I doing with it that will make this earth a better place?”

“When we start changing our view of these entities, that’s when we can start to see the change that we so desperately need and want.”


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