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Interviews with Dr. Ron Paul for The Herland Report – The America Tour

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Dr. Ron Paul, The Liberty Report speaking with Hanne Herland.

We are touring the USA, seeking to understand what went so terribly wrong with American culture.

The past years have seen a nation go from being a melting pot where everyone fit in, a country unified through a national identity that did not differ – not to the same extent as today – between creed and race.


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Yet, now this nation seems rampant with hatred between groups. As Dr. Paul Craig Roberts states it: “Identity Politics have destroyed America”, and what is left is a disintegrating society in which groups stand against each other.

We travelled to Texas to speak to several leading US voices, among them the highly respected Senator, Dr. Ron Paul.

He will be featured in the upcoming Herland Report TV interviews this spring, on pressing matters that explain what is really going on in America, behind the mainstream media smokescreen.

The Liberty Report, by Dr. Ron Paul is internationally regarded as one of the few US media outlets that not only reflect the interest of the ultra-rich in America. Follow his daily broadcasts.

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