Massive US Crime Rates: Herland Report

Massive US Crime Rates: Robberies in Democrat run Minneapolis up 116 % in 2020


Herland Report:  In Minneapolis, where George Floyd died, the Democrats leadership has chosen to allow illegal riots, killings at a skyrocketing level, anarchy, destruction of property and theft to go on unstopped by law enforcement.

Theft of cars have gone up 46 %, robberies are up 36 %, in the South Side robberies are up 116 %, car thefts up 69 %. In the West Side, it jumped nearly 50 %.

The Uptown Crime Facebook Page in Minneapolis, monitored by Steve Taylor, covers a long list of messages from desperate citizens who have been robbed and violated. Almost none of it is covered in the mainstream media.

It is not just a coincidence that Democrats run nearly all of the major cities where crime rates are absolutely exploding.

Tolerating the rioting, looting and chaos that the protesters have been engaging in has been a huge mistake, because it just invites even more crime.

The mainstream media and many politicians on the left keep referring to the riots as “peaceful protests” even though everyone can see the violence that is happening. 

What did they think was going to happen?  For weeks, the mainstream media and many politicians on the left have been relentlessly praising the chaos, rioting and violence that has been taking place in major cities all across America.

Meanwhile, the mainstream media and many politicians on the left have also been demonizing the police and have been promoting those that are calling for them to be defunded.  It was inevitable that there would be consequences, and they have been quite dramatic.

Crime rates are skyrocketing all over the nation, and demoralized police officers are committing suicide.  And if the mainstream media and many politicians on the left do not end their irresponsible rhetoric, things will get even worse.



Massive US Crime Rates: It is almost as if they believe that if they just say the phrase “peaceful protests” enough that we will all be brainwashed into believing the narrative that they are trying to push.

Sadly, life for police officers in America is only going to get rougher because crime rates are absolutely skyrocketing.

According to reporter Alex Berenson, murder rates are up dramatically “in practically every big city”…

It’s not just a few cities: homicides are up 10-50% year-over-year in practically every big city – Denver, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Boston, Houston, St. Louis, Miami – everywhere.

Forget the crack epidemic. Murder rates haven’t gone this bad this fast since the late 1960s.




Massive US Crime Rates: But it wasn’t as if someone suddenly flipped a switch at the beginning of January.  The truth is that crime rates didn’t start to explode until the riots came along.

The tragic death of George Floyd should have brought us together as a nation and should have caused all of us to value human life more.

Ironically, in the very city where George Floyd died there have already been more murders in 2020 than “in all of 2019”.

The criminals in Minneapolis have become extremely brazen.  Robberies are up 36 percent so far this year, car theft is up 46 percent, and many of these crimes are being committed in broad daylight.

During a House Judiciary Committee hearing this week, Representative Jim Jordan played a video montage of the violence that is happening during these riots, and that has gotten him a lot of attention.

But even though most of the “journalists” in the mainstream media are criticizing him, I greatly applaud him for having the courage to condemn the rioters.

There is no place in a civilized society for such violence, and it needs to end.

Unfortunately, what we have seen so far is just the beginning, because a lot more civil unrest is coming.

In America today, “right” has become “wrong” and “wrong” has become “right”, and we have raised an entire generation without any moral foundation whatsoever.

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