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New exclusive interview with Milo Yiannopoulos: Destructive feminism creates weak women who feel victimized – Herland Report

New exclusive interview with Milo Yiannopoulos: Destructive feminism creates weak women who feel victimized – Herland Report

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Historian, author and founder of The Herland Report, Hanne Nabintu Herland met with one of the Western world’s sharpest free thinkers with a provocative technique that enrages the ultra-liberal elites, Milo Yiannopoulos. Much has been said about Milo, may lies too. He’s been quoted with quite some shocking remarks, some which he has actually said and equally many allegations as well as misinterpretations of what he is all about.

Nonetheless, Milo remains maybe the leading internet guru, reaching a young audience that does not identify with the Liberal movement. Since it is hard to assess what Milo is all about, when looking at the headlines in the mainstream media, we chose to meet with him and find out for ourselves. Watch the interview with Milo on Feminism, part 1 here.


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Hanne Nabintu Herland: – So welcome to the Scandinavian Herland Report. Milo Yiannopoulos, you are one of the leading intellectuals of our time with provoking technique of fearless speech. You are also a famous author and an internet guru and one of the strongest defenders of free speech and Christianity in the West.

I once spoke to a professor who went to Harvard after the world war. I asked her, even though it may had been a stupid question, you know, I am known for being an anti-feminist at home. Yet, I asked her that it must had been hard coming to the United States as a lone woman. She was with 15 boys and the only woman in her group.

She answered me; “No, my dear. You see, this was way before the 1970s when we were told we were weak and incapable and not able. So I did splendidly among them. The men adored me and opened the doors for me and I was respected. I had a wonderful time”

Milo Yiannopoulos: – The most amazing thing that feminism has managed to persuade women of is that men have all the power in sexual dynamics and social situations. They have managed to persuade women that they are victims and the men have the power. What they have done is told people that rape and sexual assault is the default rather than the tiny aberration.


So, what they are saying is that they are going to tell you tons of stories of rapes whether they happened or not. And we are going to constantly tell you about all of this for 30 years so that women think that the usual sexual interaction is defined as an aggressive man who doesn’t respect consent, doesn’t respect you or your bodily autonomy or you as a human being. So, you are a victim. By definition, you are a victim of a crime or some sort of social infraction.

What they haven’t been honest about is that 99,2 % of social and sexual interactions between men and women are not like that. Most of these interactions between men and woman are between descent and kind people, who are awkward around each other possibly in the beginning, who don’t necessarily know how to do things and stumbling their way through, working out how to communicate.

And guess what, it’s the woman with the power in that relationship. Because the vast majority of interactions are not with rapists or with sexual assault. The vast majority of social interactions are with men and women, where it is the woman who mostly decides whether it will proceed or whether it will stop. This is the woman’s decision.

If you roll this out in other kinds of sex, it becomes clear to see why this is true. In gay relationships, it is the passive partner who has the power to make it all stop or to proceed with the relationship. Take it out to BDSM or whatever, it is the passive partner with the “safe word” who has the power.

Hanne Nabintu Herland: – I always loved the suffragette movement, they loved and accepted the woman and her womanly, biological qualities. She was allowed to keep her make-up, her high heels, her strengths and her proud nature. Like you say, a woman walks into a room and everybody goes silent, you know. This is our power. That movement hailed the woman and didn’t take her out of the marriage or move her from the family like they did in the 1970s.

In the 1970s, they introduced some sort of man-hating feminism. A family-hating feminism and a feminism that doesn’t acknowledge her body in the sense that for example woman are almost preferred not to have children because then they need to take sick leaves from work during pregnancy.

Also, whatever she does in the family is not considered to be anything and she is only evaluated from what she does outside the family. So freedom is now defined as the woman’s right to step out of the family and away from the man. I am just wondering I would never like to live a life without you guys. I mean you guys are amazing!

Milo Yiannopoulos: – Managing to convince women that they are the victims and the less powerful entity in heterosexual relationships is the greatest trick that feminism ever pulled. It is a lie. It flies in the face of whatever a woman knows about her sexual power.

It flies in the face of whatever a man knows, growing up as an adolescent 20 year old, awkward and uncomfortable in working out how to approach women, how to interact with them and how to get laid. You know, men are anxious, terrified and nervous. Women, on the other hand, mature more earlier than men and are often more assured, more knowing. Yet, feminists have told women a bunch of stuff. They have told women that they are the victims and that men are violent and abusive perpetrators that won’t respect consent.

They have told women that they should not be self-reliant, but instead run to the state, run to the government or run to the college. Every time there is a bad date, they should characterize it at some sort of abuse or crime that has been perpetrated against them just because they felt awkward after sex. Well, he probably did to. So, you know, they have told women all these things that are not true.

What they have done is create, now, 2 ½ generations of women who are radically unprepared for the real world.  They are taught that a slight brush on the knee from a guy at college, represents some sort of sexual assault.

What are these women going to do when they are standing in a dark alley with a real rapist? Because they have been told that every slight infraction can be fixed by “dad”, fixed by the patriarchy, fixed by the college authorities, fixed by police. It can’t. And by not acknowledging that there is a small shard of darkness and a small element of danger in interactions with men that most women will experience once or twice, hopefully, just that, you know in their lives.

But also, by suggesting that this small dark shard represents all men and is more typical of general interactions, you are ruining the relationships between men and women. This is some of the many ways in which feminism has left women utterly miserable and left many of them alone.

Hanne Nabintu Herland: – And this is how you see it as well. The lack of equality and freedom too, in this thinking. I’ve read and studied Betty Friedan and all these feminists. Betty Friedan for one, you know, she had this discontentment of life. She wanted to step out of marriage due to being discontent.

Milo Yiannopoulos: – Most of us aren’t as unhappy as feminists’ campaigners or activists, who are very often moved to campaign out of their own personal damage. They are driven to this by their own demons, the darkness that they have experienced and by their own unhappy life choices and experiences.

The majority of us are not as miserable as feminist activists and don’t see the world like they do. But these people have been given uniquely powerful positions to shape how the rest of us must live.

Hanne Nabintu Herland: – But the problem with feminism, and then again, I would like to point out the 1970s feminism, is really, that there are so many contradictions. For one, they want the woman to become the man. Then she is not able to because she is not a man.

Then again, the man is what they hate, yet they want the woman to become the man and they hate precisely the man. And then, you are not allowed to be feminine yet feminine is what’s natural for a woman to be. Taking care of ourselves, looking good, using our talents etc.

Milo Yiannopoulos: – Yes, and this is what men want.

Hanne Nabintu Herland: – And again, we are not supposed to bear children. Yet, bearing children is the greatest thing we can possibly do. What I am trying to illustrate is that there this craziness in feminism. Because it rips off the woman the very strengths in her sex and it doesn’t allow her to be precisely what she is. No wonder she as lost her self-esteem.

I so agree with Judge Judy with her response in an interview when somebody asked her if she was a feminist. She responded with a simply “No, I was really into those kinds of things”. I am the same. I mean, I love you guys. I have never felt victimized and if some guy tries to touch my thigh or whatever, I’ll slap his thing and tell him to get out. Its not a rape situation. I think that the more women embrace that victimhood, the more we are victims of the precise same racism that is happening to people of colour.

It’s the thinking that since I am a woman, you should feel sorry for me for some reason, because I am a weakling. Its offensive if you think I am weak! That is when you are patronizing me!

Milo Yiannopoulos: – One of the classic characteristics of modern feminism is it low opinion of women. The idea that women needs to be saved from every social interaction. This is the worst thing about feminism. How low their opinions are of other women, presenting them as weak, they need to be saved and are delicate wallflowers who can’t deal with a bit of flirting, a hand on a knee or a joke about women.

Like “Are you sure you are okay with that? Shouldn’t I drive since we both want to be in one piece at the end of it”. Like, who cares! The idea that this represents some kind of devastating or offensive infraction of social morays or whatever because somebody cracked a joke about special awareness or something.

The idea that women cannot tolerate or be subjected to the slightest ridicule, mockery or even just awkwardness, is so demeaning to women that it makes me furious. It is demeaning. The idea that women need to be insulated in a bubble away from anything bad that might happen to them is Ludacris. What happens when that woman is confronted by a rapist? Is she in a position to help herself? No.  Is she going to have a gun in her handbag? No. Is she going to cry for help? No. She is going to be a mess and a heavily victim in that situation because she has been trained into believing that she is one.

I always think that in a country, like in America now, where more than half of college applications, graduates or the rest of it, are women. Women are going in unprecedented numbers more than men.  High literacy rates, higher grades in college etc. Women are out passing men in almost every conceivable metric in education. There are more scholarships for them, they are graduating more subjects.

Yet, they are still not happy because they are inventing some sort of conspiracy about women being kept from doing computer science and physics. Even though women totally dominate biology and veterinarian medicine. Because they want women to choose to dominate everything rather than choosing what they want to do.

I just think that in a world in which the data with the evidence to suggest that women are out passing men in every conceivable way, we don’t need to keep patronising and pandering to women telling them that they are inferior and victims and that the world is out to get them.

Hanne Nabintu Herland: – You know, I am just angry listening to you, honestly. It angers me because I am not “Bambi”. This is not a Disney movie, you know!

Milo Yiannopoulos: – That is their idea. Their idea is that you are Bambi and that you need to be protected and ushered through life with cushions around you. Same access to education, get paid the same, have the same opportunities in the workplace and be able to choose your own fate. Those are the things that women deserve and those are the things that women have had for decades!

Hanne Nabintu Herland: – And when it comes to equal pay for example, you see that women who choose they want to choose to become a nurse, let’s say. That is what she wants! She wants to help the elderly or whatever. You know how we are so caring etc, so we don’t choose to become CEOs of international company due to long hours etc.

So, when they speak about equal pay, this is just the natural way in the system. If you want to be paid more, chose a higher-paid profession! Or else, you know what you can do? You can choose to do what you love, you can love yourself as you do what you love. Which is caring, kindness etc, you know what I mean.

Milo Yiannopoulos: – Here is the thing. I don’t know if you know about this but when they look at the gender split in certain subjects in countries like Pakistan where women don’t have access to education so when they do get into education they feel this intense economic pressure to provide for themselves or whatever, they chose according to economic outcome, women just as much as men. So women will chose professions in high-paid jobs due to the economic pressure and their background coming from developing countries. So, if you look at Pakistan or Bangladesh, women studying physics and math results in a much closer gender parity.

In richer nations, where women have all the opportunities in the world, their choices narrow. When you give women more freedom, more rights, more opportunities, they actually chose a narrower way of things. They chose veterinarian medicine, nursing, social care and all kinds of things that suit what and who they are. It’s a great irony that people never realize.

A great irony in education that feminists will never be able to fix, which is; the freer women get, the freer they are to choose, the narrower their choices get. Because they can finally do what they want instead of what they must do.

Hanne Nabintu Herland: – And on that note, Sir, Mr. Milo Yiannopoulos, I would like to thank you for joining us here. Thank you for coming here and God bless you.

Milo Yiannopoulos:- Thank you, thank you. God bless you too and thank you so much for having me.

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