Herland Report TV Show: Our political system is totally corrupted, rigged for “pay-for-play”, Robert David Steele

The Herland Report TV: We recently sat down with CEO of Earth Intelligence Network and former Clandestine Services Operations Officer and CIA spy, Robert David Steele, to discuss the current level of corruption in the United States’ government structures.

Robert David Steele

Steele states: “President Trump has said that we have a rigged system that is pay-to-play. And that is exactly right.”

“Our Congress today makes laws based on who pays them for what, ot on what is in the public interest. So, intelligence as decision support is how the public can manage its own democracy.”

Steele is also the founder of Marine Corps Intelligence Command and holds two graduate degrees and is a distinguished graduate of the Naval War College, and has for 30 years demanded intelligence reform and the need to redefine national security.


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In the interview, Steele says: “The entire intelligence community is a failure because it is not preventing war and does not deal with asymmetric threats such as the narcotics threat.”

“National power is based on its public, if you have an educated, engaged public you are a powerful nation. If you have a stupid, drugged up public you are not a powerful nation. So, God bless Donald Trump, because this is now counter attack movement and we are taking back our country from foreign influences that have been bribing Americans – from Evangelical leaders to Congress members and all across the spectrum.”

“The problem we have is that intelligence now is about spending a great deal of money doing very bad things: Torture and renditions, drone assassinations, regime change, covert operations and so on.”

“The intelligence community is all wrapped up in doing bad things, they are not providing the President or the Cabinet members or anyone else with decision support about everything – combat poverty, the environment etc. But they report only on two things: War and terrorism.”

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