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New York: A culture of Holocaust, happy to kill their own offspring #Abortion laws – Herland Report

New York: A culture of Holocaust, happy to kill their own offspring #Abortion laws – Herland Report

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The US marks its exit out of the civilized world on yet another issue, as New York’s skyscrapers were lit celebrating last week New York’s new abortion laws, making it legal to abort after the 24-week barrier. The previous condition of protecting the mother’s life changed to “mother’s health”, thereby opening up for all kinds of vague interpretations.

A nine months old fetus, hours before birth, may consequently now legally be aborted in the state of New York, its female Democratic citizens and politicians cheering at the news of the legality of killing their own offspring, as seen below.

Which culture can survive childlessness? Who can complain when new immigrants take over, when the culture of the past 200 years origin does not want its own offspring?

The US alone has seen 52 million abortions since the 1970’s. Now New York’s Democrats celebrate abortion legalized until hours before birth. And we still speak as if the WWII Holocaust is the only holocaust?

New York’s abortion law was updated and strengthened Tuesday night when Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed the Reproductive Health Act into law that had just passed the Senate and Assembly. The bill was first introduced in the Democratic-run Assembly in 2006 but had not been taken up by the Senate until the Democrats wrested control from Republicans this year.

In addition, the criminal code was readjusted and abortion removed from the homicide legislation. Sentence by sentence, the unborn child lost its rights to the cheers of women all over New York state.

It also became legal to have the abortion procedures done by a range of medical professionals, not only licensed physicians.

The previous abortion numbers in New York already rate as high as every third baby. One in three babies in New York are unwanted to the point of being aborted. Its abortion rate is consequently more than half of its birthrate. The numbers speak of a startelling culture of a Holocaust of the unborn, ranking American women remarkably high up as child producers that simply do not want their own culture to survive.

According to the CDC, a “total of 652,639 abortions were reported” for 2014 by 47 states, New York City and the District of Columbia.  In 2014, New York City boasted the highest abortion rate – 34.8 abortions for every 1,000 women of reproductive age (15-44) – and the highest abortion ratio – 575 abortions for every 1,000 live births.

Graph: Lifenews.com.

No other state or area in the USA comes close to the abortion rates in New York state. So, as the Democrats of New York celebrate yet another expansion of the legislation for abortion, its skyscrapers lit in pink, we assume there will be no more complaints about Muslim immigrants or Catholic South Americans flooding the US, as the traditional White and Black America obviously does not want its own offspring.

This trend is but one in the current disintegration of the USA and spells the death of American culture as we know it.

New York celebrates the removal of abortion from the homicide legislation, rendering it legal to abort a child up to month 9, hours before birth. Photo: Catholic Herald.

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