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#ImpeachmentTrump is Ongoing Coup from Obama officials – #JudicialWatch, William Marshall


We have not seen a political crisis like this since the American Civil War.

Herland Report TV: “Russia Gate is an ongoing coup among an elite of top officials in the Obama administration, to undermine the very presidency of Donald Trump. This is the worst crime in American history. We have not seen a political crisis like this since the American Civil War,” says William Marshall, senior investigator at Judicial Watch.

Judicial Watch is the public watchdog that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, under the leadership of Tom Fitton.

Founded in 1994, Judicial Watch seeks to ensure government and judicial officials act ethically and do not abuse the powers entrusted to them by the American public.

Herland Report presents interviews with leading American officials, senators, politicians, CIA and NSA directors, Judicial Watch directors and senior officials, whistleblowers, Black Lives Matter leader and more.



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The players of this attempted coup of Donald Trump are less honorable than the Confederates in the Civil War.

William F. Marshall states: “Judicial Watch’ focuses on the use of the Freedom of Information Act, which is a vital law in our country. No one, I think, ever expected the FOIA law to become as vital and instrument for protecting American liberties and holding the government account as it has become today.”

“This is because the government, particularly over the last twenty years or so has been increasingly opaque in its actives, withholding information from the American people. It has becoming increasingly engaged, as we have seen in the created “Russian collusion” narrative, increasingly engaged in corrupt activities in a monumental way.”

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William-Marshall-Herland-Report“What we have seen with the actions of the Deep State, which has political interests that cross both parties – the Democratic Party as well as the Republican Party – the weaponization of our laws, by the Obama administration particularly.”

“Our national security laws and technological recourses have been used as weapons to target the opposition party presidential candidate. This is unprecedented.”

“For over 40 years, I have never seen anything close to the crimes that were committed by trying to take out Donald Trump as a presidential candidate. And once he was duly elected by the people, to try to have him removed. This is an ongoing coup and let me very clear about this; this is a coup among an elite cadre of top officials in the Obama administration to undermine the very presidency itself.”

William Marshall Herland Report“This is the worst crime in American history. I have said in other interviews, and I will repeat it to my dying moment; we have not seen a political crisis in America like this since 1860 and the beginning of the civil war.”

“I will argue that the players, the perpetrators of this attempted coup of Donald Trump are less honourable than the confederates in the Civil War. At least, they openly declared their hostility to an incoming Republican president.”

“These people don’t even do that. They are like rats inside the apparatus using their powers, which were immense. They are using technological powers and the National Security laws like the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which is an highly intrusive form of surveillance. They are using those to go after, essentially, half of the American people, the candidate representing half of the American people. It is unheard of and dishonorable. It is something that your audience in Europe should be aware of.”

If USA goes under, democracy goes under. The world will go dark.

“I have friends in Europe and they don’t understand what is going on here, many of them. Frankly, they should be alarmed. If USA goes under, democracy goes under. The Republic as it was constituted, fails. The world will go dark. America represents and has always represented this notion that the individual has sovereignty over the government.”

“The individual has primacy in our culture. We have tremendous respect for the rights inherent of an individual, which are enshrined in our founding documents. What we have been seeing with the coup against Donald Trump, regardless of what you think of him, this notion that if you don’t like the other parties candidate, then you can use the national security apparatus to your advantage to take out that candidate. That is shocking to a level that I cannot sufficiently convey. I will continue to repeat this until every American gets the message, that we have a huge crisis in this country right now.”


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