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Somebody earns 100 billion USD yearly pushing Drugs on American Youth

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The market for illegal drugs in the United States is about $100 billion each year, according to a RAND study. 27 million Americans are on illicit drugs. 7 out of 10 Americans are on prescription drugs, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Drug abuse in America is at its all time high, constituting an epidemic of immense proportions.

As president Trump wants to close the US southern border where most of this is transported into the US and gain control over the human trafficking, drug import, entry of illegal aliens and other criminal activity, the mainstream media fights his efforts to accomplish this. Why? Who profits from this trade?

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US drugs

There can be many descriptions and arguments as to how drugs have impacted American culture, be it the TV and movie industry, music, and even literary cultures. Much of the same can be said about non-artistic cultures, such as business, science, and even medicine.

In short, throughout America’s history, each of our cultures have experienced and, to a degree, have been influenced by drugs. And to bolster matters, according to DrugWarFacts.org, as of 2014, over 27 million Americans1, aged 12 or older, were current illicit drug users, writes Boulevard Treatment Center

When you consider that we are a country of roughly 300 million, this fact can go to show you how prevalent drug use is in our society.

If the above illustrates a low-lying permeation into every aspect of our world by drugs, you’re correct. They are everywhere. And of course, that infiltration can raise concern from Main Street, USA all the way to Wall Street and the White House. Worse yet is the way a drug-infused culture can influence its members without them even knowing it.

Characters drinking in a television program or movie, a song written with the premise of glamorizing drug use, or a piece of literature whose focus came about while the artist was inebriated, and then of course, news reports which concentrate on drug abuse and arrests on a day-to-day basis, can be indoctrinating your household without you knowing it.

To that end, your loved ones, including your children, might be more influenced by drugs in popular culture than you realize.

If you are worried about American culture and the drug and alcohol use the culture can bring with it into your home, you might want to do some digging around as well as serious critique about your family’s entertainment and the drug-related content that entertainment might contain.

It really can be shameful, as well as demoralizing, when your child’s favorite athlete has been called out for illegal drug use. But, the fact is drugs such as alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine, as well as steroids – only to name a few – have woven themselves into the thread of the American sports culture. Almost regularly does it seem a player is either suspended and/or fined for their drug use, letting down not just their team, but their fans.

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