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The Deep State Coup against President Trump: USA in state of Mutiny – Judicial Watch, Herland Report

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President of Judicial Watch, Tom Fitton, speaks openly about the Deep State conspiracy or coup attempts in the United States against president Trump and of recent court rulings on the FBI cover ups on behalf of the Deep State in this weekly update.

The Herland Report TV recently sat down with several Judicial Watch directors, upcoming shows on the Hillary Clinton email scandal, Clinton’s sell out on US’ uranium to the Russians and a range of other topics will air this spring.

Judicial Watch is the most successful public watch dog in Washington, fighting for truth and accountability over scandals like the illicit Deep State conspiracy to take down the Trump presidency and the continuing government cover-up of the truth behind Hillary Clinton’s secret emails, illicit email server and potentially criminal breaches of national security.

Judicial Watch is continuing to challenge states that are failing to follow federal election law and clean their voter rolls to prevent voter fraud, as well as fighting for the rule of law on US borders and against sanctuary policies.


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