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Nanna Segelcke Krigens Arvinger

White Lives Matter, Black Lives Matter: Racially divisive America heading for dark days

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Are we on the brink of the Second Civil War in America? The recent Charlottesville, Virginia clashes where the White Ultra Right movement allegedly counting 5000 individuals marched to protest the removing of a statue of General Robert E. Lee, marks yet another disturbing sign of the serious social upheaval now characterizing the United States.


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The increasing focus on racial divides brings to the surface deep rooted issues in American society, as politicians and the US ultra-rich long have spent billions on warfare in the Middle East and remarkably little on building their own nation, taking care of education, housing and social inequality in their own inner cities. To us Europeans, it is a shock to visit the US and see the degree of poverty and inequality displayed in everyday life. The famous rapper Tupac Shakur spoke early of this, stating that at one point the situation might get to a rampant boiling point, and who knows what would happen then.

The irony being that the US seems to have been quite bent on producing civil wars in a number of other countries, now it seems to take hold on their own turf, with billionaires such as George Soros funding Black Lives Matter and other riot organizations, probably on both sides.

As “right or wrong” does not correspond to skin colour or ethnic origin, clashes along ethnic lines will not solve anything, only broaden the divisiveness which now characterizes the faltering American society.




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